Hey AC Community,

I bought a Nexus 7 to carry to meetings at work instead of lugging my laptop around. I can connect to my corporate Win 7 desktop using the Citrix client. I've fiddled with various keyboard and found all of them quirky with the Citrix client. AI Type Plus is my current fav in Android but the AutoCorrect types the new word without removing the mispelled part. Also, it doesn't directly send the individual letters to Windows as I type them. It doesn't do so until I hit the space bar, which is problematic when I'm trying to edit the middle of an existing word. I've found similar problems with SwiftKey, the stock board, and others.

Can anyone recommend a good keyboard that works well with the Citrix client?

Bonus points if someone can tell me how to have Android use that keyboard automatically with Citrix and AI Type for everything else.