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    Default Google Keyboard

    Soo now Google keyboard is available via google play I can give her a go, anyone know if I can add/use emoji? Cheers

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    Default Re: Google Keyboard

    I haven't downloaded it yet to my Note II, but if you find out that it comes with Emoji or/and it is compatible with Apply IOS, please post here, Thanks
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    Default Re: Google Keyboard

    I have it on my note 2 and haven't found a way of it being emoji able.

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    Default Re: Google Keyboard

    I can use emoji on my N4 but I don't know if it's part of the Keyboard app.

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    Default Re: Google Keyboard

    I am using Google Keyboard and I can use emojis at least in my SMS app (Textera) but that seems to be a function of the messaging app (there is a separate install for the emojis from Play).

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    Default Re: Google Keyboard

    I tried it, but I prefer my HTC One's stock offering personally.
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    Default Re: Google Keyboard

    looks cool. but not compatible with Samsung galaxy s 3
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    Default Re: Google Keyboard

    Long press the return key on bottom right of keyboard then tap emoji symbol which pops up. 😈😴👔👖🏪🏰:-D ♑🏰

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