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    Default [FREE][APP] Delboard

    Title: Angry Face
    Requires Android: 2.2+
    Contetn Rating: Everyone
    Category: App
    Game Description:
    There is a 100500 keyboards on Google Play, but now one has a Delete button with the same functionality as real keyboard do.
    This is 100501st keyboard with Delete button, such desired button which many people lacked but especially for author.
    Keyboard with a Breaking Bad style for fans of this TV Series. Also there is an editor of layout for keyboard with many of settings.
    Let's try to mark accomplishments:
    - Keyboard with Delete key.
    - Breaking Bad style for fans of this TV Series!
    - Possibility to change a size of keyboard!
    - Layout editor with many of settings, allowing to specify own buttons position with own value of unlimited length.
    - Possibility to save input history in every editable field. Sometimes it's necessary to remember what was wrote in that field.
    - Text templates for faster entering of logins, some standard answers, passwords.
    - Vibration on key press which is not enough in many other keyboards.
    - Dialog window style for tablets to give a possibility to type by one finger. You can scale or move the window in any direction.
    - Themes of keyboard can support an animation!
    - Word entring without lifting finger and auto space between words. But realization is far away from ideal, so you better don't use it.
    - Thems for albom orientation on tablets.
    - Entering to fullscreen edit mode.
    - Capital letters can write automatically in the begining of new sentece.
    - Auto space after punctuation.
    And other settings for keyboard behavior.
    The most intersting, I guess it is layout editor, I will write it's possibilities shortly, because it is a basic component of keyboard:
    - Supporting GIF animation of background.
    - 7 settings for general background of keyboard.
    - 30 settings for button.
    - Possibility of button positioning, which allows to works on devices with absolutely different screen sizes.
    Full list of possibilities are here
    An editor is free, but it is not available for downloading at this moment. It's supporting is too hard. It has a lot of bugs and there is no documentation yet.
    Unfortunately I have not enough human hours and motivation to complete it all, because I can't count that 100501st keyboard can become good.
    If you want layout editor came out to world, you have to wait for some...
    We are supporting onle 3 languages at this moment: English, Russian, Ukrainian

    Link to google play:

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    Default Re: [FREE][APP] Delboard

    Thanks for sharing. Good luck in the Play store.
    Live long and prosper.

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