I have a very strange problem with my Lenovo K1: I updated it a year ago to ICS ( ) . It was rooted and worked wonderfully! Yesterday I caught the ransomware 'Android Defender' which disabled all and any functionality. I booted into recovery mode but the power button does NOT react as 'select' button although it works just fine for power on and off. I select a function and press [power] an the first line becomes the selected. pushing it again just flashed the screen. But pressing it long turns the K1 off.

I updated some time ago to JB. To clean things up I loaded K1_CM10_JB_Starter_v2.zip ( ) onto the machine and it installed nicely. I needed recovery to install google play and problem consists. I used the nvflash method to get back to stock (rooted) so that I could go from there ( ). And all is back to 2011 -well, except that I now can't go directly into recovery but when I do I have the exact same problem.

So, whatever it is (and I'd like to blame the ransomware since it misbehaves since then), it intercepts the short power push in recovery, but does NOT affect normal Android functionality while in the OS nor the long push in recovery mode.

I am -needless to say- desperate since I can have Jelly Beans without google play (needed the recovery console to load the zip) or stock 3.2.1.

None of the options are good options.

Can you help?