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11-17-2013 10:28 PM
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    Default Miracast option anyone?

    There is a miracast option. Has anyone used it. I gather there's a nrtgear device to stream the gpad to hdtv. Anyone been successful?
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    Default Re: Miracast option anyone?

    My Samsung TV has Miracast built in. Streaming from my G Tab to my TV work great. I can stream what is on my tablet screen and also use the Miracast option in Yoh Tube and Netflix.
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    Default Re: Miracast option anyone?

    How is the aspect ratio on Miracast? Do you have black bars on the side? Are there any over scan options that appear in the GPad? I've tried the slimport and it works but not without some quirks.

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    Default Re: Miracast option anyone?

    I tried connecting my Rocketfish Miracast receiver to my Droid Maxx. The Maxx sees the tv (55# Samsung Smart TV) but it wont connect. Any ideas. I have tried Rocketfish support but no help.
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    Default Re: Miracast option anyone?

    bought a miracast zx dongle om eBay, works fine on my old Panasonic tv, but with little lag when using netflix.

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