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    Cool what to Choose?


    i'm looking to buy the lg g pad 8.3, now i'm trying to choose between the GPE version and the normal version.

    any advice is welcomed.

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    Had to make the same decision as you. I come from liking stock android and am not a fan of the skins like touchwiz, but I found LG's software to be pretty nice. I use Nova launcher and have actually come to like the software tweaks LG has (Qpair, miracast, quick remote, qslide, etc.) which you don't get with the GPE. Sure apps may come out to take advantage of these, but having them baked in is nice. One thing I do not like is the notification panel is pretty cluttered, but it's easy to get use to. Also, I got the normal version when it was $299.99 so saving $50 was a nice perk. There's also a lot of developers making ROMs and rooting methods if you're into that so if I get sick of LG I can move over to CM11 or a different ROM.
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    I made the same choice in the non-GPE version. I thought some of the LG things looked useful and figured if I didn't like them or LG never upgrades the device, I will end up with CM on it anyway.
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    I love my original G Pad. For me, its worth having the original version for the knock on/off feature alone. IMO, LG's skin isn't as intrusive or laggy as Samsung's Touchwiz. My tablet is so smooth, no lag at all, compared to my Samsung S4, which lags like hell, and in fact I've just given that to my hubby and ordered myself a G2 to match my G Pad!

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    Ditto with all that's been said, Go with the stock LG version. It's also still on sale at Newegg, so get it while you can for $299

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