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    Very interesting. Supposedly someone with access to LGs version is reporting transparent status bar on all wallpapers, moved the settings button to the top right corner of the notification shade as well as making date and time bigger and more prominent there. Google translate makes it difficult to fully understand but it seems LG was trying to make the soft keys where you were able to hide them but had to scrap it.

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    It's all in Korean...
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    Use chrome to translate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by korab84 View Post
    It's all in Korean...
    i can tell you for sure that is NOT korean... that is chinese.
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    Quote Originally Posted by g2_havok View Post
    i can tell you for sure that is NOT korean... that is chinese.
    That is Chinese for sure, even though korean has some chinese in it, the entire thing is chinese. (btw I lived in South Korea for awhile, and quick way to identify korean from other asian languages is the 0 looking symbol is very common)
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    Here's the rough translation: I believe we all know, the Korean version of G2 system updates with respect to that international edition is a very big advantage, because KDZ update has always been very diligent, completely wood ago LG's procrastination style .. The first 4.4 beta KDZ, after brushing my little contrast with the previous 4.2 KDZ next, quite a few changes. (PS: this post I will focus on is relatively obvious changes, where the content is not altered or system optimization, I say only slightly lower) .
    Here entered,
    first of all, it is evident that version becomes 4.4, and then conducted a baseband change this baseband from the figures, the ratio of 11 at the beginning of the KDZ, more than one digit (you can refer to my post about the F320S 11J ). But for me personally, the morning subway test to get this baseband no 11J that baseband stability is the signal would jump, I personally feel that this baseband is better than the first 19,050 lot better, but slightly worse than the 19,209 it a little bit, and for the country The 19026 line, I can not comment. Personal views, after all, is the first beta version 4.4 of the package, the updated baseband, follow-up may also have. Let's look at the system setup menu, the more obvious is the pull-down status bar, upper left corner will display large font time and date, day of the week (when clicked will automatically jump to the menu system to set the date and region), and then the notification bar Settings button also moves the position to move to the upper right corner . Note that now a pull-notification bar icon (e.g., icon QQ) before that, the system signals the icon will be replaced with the time now that the new setting button, pull the notification bar, the original icon reappears. Before then 4.2 GPS icon is now changed to " Location "shortcut menu bar, and some have their own check will be displayed (eg NFC, is enabled by default, but not in the shortcut menu, have to add it yourself) follows Figure : Next, say the changes inside the system settings, set the Rideau out " Printing (Print) "option can now be printed on pictures, not just before the pocket printer, now you can add a network printer specific. as shown below: Developer option, more of a " select Run Time ", you can choose ART mode , but according to feedback, which functions as well as BUG, so I do not go testing. positions visit --- were redone, As can be seen from the figure, and 4.2 are completely different. mobile phone network, the more of a default messaging application , text messaging program can be specified directly using the system comes, or a third party. Wifi (WLAN) in Advanced , multi-out scanning is always available , and WLAN signal strength (can be set to display only a strong, medium and weak signals WLAN, or closed ) as shown below: detail changes: Now through the system screenshot (minus the volume keys + power button), There is a button on the right side of the screen , opening the screenshot you can see recent recording, press those pictures can be removed. system comes to music, the English part of the audio effects finally finished it. , but a little funny is here were finished, but there was a lack of alarm clock finished. third party wallpaper can finally make the status bar transparent!!!! Since 4.4 is relatively new, it will lead to some program compatibility is not good , I'm here a few Examples such as poweramp this player when playing a song, poweramp any button drop-down notification bar is failure. Youku and Sohu online video, the video buffer, it must put the cache path selection built-in storage, select SD card, then , will not be cached; Or MXPlayer does not support Android 4.4, Paypal can not pay .... but popular software, then, are perfectly compatible, such as QQ, microblogging, letters and other input method using Baidu input method, has also been Adapter 4.4. PS: forgot to say , the whole killing process , the available memory is 900 -something , and so to be able to ROOT a , streamlined unwanted software , should also be more points . others , hidden on the system comes with a virtual key , or not added back , a little later checked the online Baidu .. find a lot of people wrong 4.4 concept, not a virtual key can be hidden, only refers to the developers in an open software can be sent when a virtual key to hide弄至fullscreen rather than itself can hide the virtual keys. (LG has brought itself before you can hide the virtual keys , compatible third-party program is not very good , so canceled , because when the beginning of LG in Korea 11A of beta KDZ launch function , causing a lot of local friends waiting , leading to the back of any one version of KDZ, would ask , can you hide the virtual keys .) Also, from 11 series to the 4.4 KDZ brush, then brushing into the system initialization is complete, the best of the class through a pea pod software, backup contacts, text messages and programs, and in the settings, restore factory settings for the next, or second boot, will prompt some error, although that is what prompted boot time, did not find where the specific impact, but warning means that English is the phone rebooting the best available data clearly, in other words is to restore the factory settings. preventive measures Well! If you restore the factory settings, and found roaming dual clock back, you can refer to this post way to removing double lock screen clock (pro-test 4.4 is still valid). link ---> . for power, heat and fluency, as opposed to 4.2, it has improved to varying amplitude, the more obvious is the obvious upgrade fluency while heat and power consumption, there are little improved. summary, for the first beta version 4.4 KDZ speaking, this version of the daily Use no problem, the problems are mostly due to the software not compatible with 4.4, there are only twelve systems finished with everyone looking forward to the next beta version of it thank you!!! December 1 update: currently known BUG Summary: 1 can not ROOT , tried 360, the perfect brush, Zhuo master, etc., are not ROOT. 2 Some of the menu system is not finished or finished a mistake . 3 pull-down status bar Large Fonts time , month, date not updated automatically, you need to restart the phone, or at the time set in, to automatically determine the date and time and time zone automatically determined to close down. 4 I have to use the software is not compatible , for example Poweramp, Paypal can not pay, Youku and Sohu video client can not put the video buffer in the SD card. MXplayer does not support 4.4. 5. comes with video player, play MKV video, not smooth . 4.2 in the same video can be smooth playback. 6 Some machines can display the number dialed call records when the last two calls, some not (eg my machine). 7 base with the update, but instead did not bring before a steady base of 19,209. That is the latest version 4.2 KDZ signal is not stable . 8 key ART mode is not available. And the kernel or 3.4, although N5 also 3.4 kernel, but it looks like people can use ART. December 6th update: 1 still can not ROOT . 2 system settings in the "pringting" has been finished to. " is printed . " 3.MKV already in the player comes in smooth playback . 4 Press the power button appears options, and more of a "select Home" , that is, if there is installed third-party desktop, it can be selected directly here, and before the selection of the default messaging program, similar functions. 5. ART model is still unavailable , selection, will restart, and then would have been stuck in the LG's LOGO, personal speculation it may be because the original program ART mode requires transcoding, it will have the card with the transcoding, while the Korean version of the software plus other stick built software , estimated to be several dozens of cards for a long time .. So, anyway, I was waiting for one hour or so, re-brush TOT back 4.2. 6. baseband has been updated , this time ending in 0071 became the (seems right - ..) . 7 to remove a screenshot management of this function (the words of this feature is very good, do not know why LG to remove). summary, Second Edition beta 17R, is carried out BUG small fixes, small changes in the function . plays or not put out. should be the official version is the beginning of the KDZ .. 2X summary is completed, brush back 4.2 to go. temporarily to know so much. . 11J 4.2 is now back in the brush. . . So the next 4.4 updates the third edition, it will follow up on this post, thank you!

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    Default Re: Supposed hands on with 4.4 on the LG G2

    Yikes that's hard to read!
    But thanks for posting.

    I just hope LG has addressed the erratic touchscreen issue that is so well-documented.

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    Default Re: Supposed hands on with 4.4 on the LG G2

    My head hurts after reading that, but thanks lol.

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