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    Default Improving Voice Notifications?


    I am using a rooted (stock) LG G2. I like the Voice Notifications (under Settings > Sound) feature, which reads aloud who is calling. It used to work perfectly, but just all of a sudden, the voice's pronunciation became all screwy. When Lisa is calling, is says "Liza." When Denise calls, it says "Denize." When Joe calls, it says "Joe-ie." When James calls, it says "Jame-es." And so on.

    Is there a way to improve the voice when it is reading the callers' names?
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    Default Re: Improving Voice Notifications?

    Maybe the Voice Notification language change? Settings>Sounds>Press voice notifcations (not the off/on) Mine is at default LG TTS+ and it has a second option for Pico TTS, and Try pressing the listen to an example.. LG sounds like the right one and you could be at pico

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