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    Default An interesting find on LG G2

    Hello everyone. Does anyone use the app "Camera Block" that disables the camera service so other sneaky apps can't be taking random photos from your phone (shush, NSA)? When I used this app to lock the camera, and tried to use the stock LG widget app Flashlight...a statement came up saying camera service is disabled and the Flashlight would not turn on??????!! OK, I might ask, would the Flashlight app need the camera service on to function? Is it that the LED light to be turned on has to have camera service running? When I do use the Flashlight app is it taking sneaky photos of what I am illuminating? Haha, don't laugh, I drank too many Monster Energy drinks this evening and probably made me over-paranoid!

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    Default Re: An interesting find on LG G2

    Well yes. Android applications which make use of the device's flash use an API which permits it access to the camera, as that is required for the flash to turn on. Don't worry, there are no pictures actually being 'taken' while these apps function.
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