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    Question How to reduce video recording bit rate

    TL;DR: Is there any way to adjust video recording settings to reduce bitrate? If so, can you walk me through it?

    I would probably be able to figure this out on my own, but I don't own an LG G2 and I'm snowed in so I can't drive to the Verizon store to try it out myself. I'm trying (from a distance) to help a non-tech-savvy LGG2-owning friend record video with settings that will reduce the bitrate to a level low enough to stream to Chromecast without choppiness issues. The only way to reduce after recording is to use a program like HandBrake or pay for a RealPlayerCloud SmoothStreamHD subscription ($5/month as opposed to $3 one-time purchase of Avia).

    I know that there is a setting on the S4 that can change the bit rate. They get around the tech talk by calling the different levels of bitrates "Superfine," "Fine," and "Normal" under the option "Recording Settings." (I've seen no noticeable difference in visual quality between Superfine and Normal)

    Is there something similar on the G2? If so, can you walk me through it?
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    Default Re: How to reduce video recording bit rate

    not sure how to change the bit rate, but you can change the resolution to something smaller

    from the video record screen:

    hit the on screen settings button (lower left hand button that looks like a gear)
    hit video size
    change it to a lower size

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