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    Default Charging the LG G2

    I bought a LG G2 off and it did not receive a USB charger or AC adapter. Can I use my Nexus 4's USB and adapter or will that harm the LG G2?
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    Default Re: Charging the LG G2

    You'll be fine. The only time I'd be concerned about using a different charger is a knock off from eBay or something.

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    Default Re: Charging the LG G2

    Also though, a few people have been posting that it takes a very long time to charge their phones, like 8 hours or something. If you do run into problems I'd advise getting the charger and cable designed for your phone.

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    Default Re: Charging the LG G2

    The only time you should be worried about a charger harming a device is if it's rated for a much higher amperage than your device was designed for. Fortunately, the LG G2 can handle up to 2 amps, so it'll charge just fine on pretty much every charger out there, including tablet chargers.

    However, like mrsmumbles mentioned, a lower amperage charger will take longer to charge the G2. I would definitely recommend picking up a 1.8 - 2.0 amp charger for your G2 to take advantage of its rapid charging feature.
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    Default Re: Charging the LG G2

    Your phone will tell you if its not being charged properly anyway.

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