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    When I set up my phone with my google account, and another gmail accout, I noticed that I now have folders called IMAP when I logged into those gmail accounts on my computer. Can someone let me know why they were created? Never had them before I got the phone.
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    Because you use a desktop client such as Thunderbird or Evolution etc for email. Those folders seem to correspond to those on the desktop app.
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    Thanks. I figured out that I should not have set up my phone using the attt helper. I factory reset and then set up my two account under google. So now I do not need the IMAP or POP. I see that my emails will be there as gmail. But my phone will not alert me when I have new gmail. Is there anyway to set the phone to alert me when there is new gmail without setting up my email through IMAP. There must be some way to get gmail alerts but I have not found it. Thanks so much
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    You don't have to do anything extra. The folders that will be used on your phone will be the non-"IMAP" ones.

    Go to settings -> General -> Apps -> All and look down the list for your email client. Check that notifications is ticked.
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