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    Default Delay when pressing the power button

    Hello all!

    I have a Sprint non-rooted LG G2 and I just got it a few days ago (this is my second G2). I have noticed that when I go to turn the phone on (wake) that there is sometimes a delay (no more than 2 seconds) before the screen turns on. I experience this once or twice every 15 times I press the power button. This also happens no matter how long the phone has been asleep- 5 seconds, a couple of hours, it doesn't matter. I didn't have this issue with the other LG G2. Is this something that I should be concerned with? I never experience the delay when I use the knock-on feature, only when I press the power button. Thanks so much!

    Edited to add: I performed a soft reset and so far I haven't been able to recreate the issue. Any ideas? Thanks!
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    Default Re: Delay when pressing the power button

    I have the lg g2 for around 2 months now and my bro just got it this week.. And I tried the double tap wake and found his wakes up a second I believe it has something to do with more apps and data on the phone and when I reset my phone it does open quicker but eventually reverts back to the little lag on turning on

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    Thanks Euan. I have the same number of apps on this phone as my previous G2. I'm wondering if it's because I left Grand Theft Auto Vice running in the background? I don't recall doing that, but I may have. I just left tried waking the phone with GTA Vice running in the background and it took 1.5 seconds to turn on. I'm thinking that's the culprit. Any other takers?

    Edited to add: I tried turning it on repeatedly with GTA Vice running in the background and noticed that out of 20 times a couple of times the device did not turn on at all and sometimes there was a 2 second delay. I wouldn't expect that from a device with such great specs. Thoughts?

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