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    Default gaming issues with G2

    hey guys having an issues in very seldom games. Example i play temple run 2. Every 10 to 15 seconds it stutters then goes back to normal no matter what settings. Please try and tell me if you have same issues. Thanks

    I assume its the power saving feature kicking in then out again i dont know

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    Default Re: gaming issues with G2

    I've never had any stutters or problems playing Temple Run 2. This phone should handle it with no problem.

    Although I have heard people having some problems playing the latest Grand Theft Auto game. Possibly because that game isn't entirely compatible with our phone's Snapdragon 800 processor?

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    Default Re: gaming issues with G2

    Haven't downloaded Temple Run 2 on my G2, but I do play Jetpack Joyride which always stuttered on my GNex but is nothing but smooth on my G2.

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