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    Lightbulb Screen shutting off and/or KnockON issue FIX

    I got my LG G2 a couple months ago and I love it! However, yesterday something odd started happening.

    My KnockOn feature wasn't working, so I hit the power button to turn the phone on, but the screen kept shutting off. I had to reset the phone by holding the power button down.

    The phone came back on. I shut the screen off and the KnockOn feature still wouldn't work. Taking the phone case off made the issue go away temporarily, but then the problem reappeared.

    I made it to the home screen and recalibrated the phone.

    You go to Settings> Gestures> Then scroll down to the last option which is "Motion sensor calibration". You lay the phone on a flat surface and hit the "calibrate sensor" button. Bingo. Problem solved.

    It's worth trying this fix if your phone's screen is acting up, the touch sensors seem off, or if the KnockOn isn't working.
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    Default Re: Screen shutting off and/or KnockON issue FIX

    Thanks. Great advice.
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    Default Re: Screen shutting off and/or KnockON issue FIX

    Thanks for this!! I have this problem occasionally.

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