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    Default Only getting sound on one side with headphones

    All of a sudden only the right side has sound with headphones.It was working fine and I thought it was my headphones but I bought new ones and had the same problem.I then tried the ones that I thought were broken in my iPod and it's not the headphones. I have tried pushing in and wiggling the connection and the guy at T-Mobile couldn't get it to work either. He tried cleaning it thinking there might be dust but still no luck. I tried looking for a setting that sets sound to Mono instead of Stereo (I think my old Samsung had that) but couldn't find anything. Has anyone else had this problem? I've only had the phone for less than 3 months so I'm a little annoyed that it's already broken.
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    Default Re: Only getting sound on one side with headphones

    Welcome to Android Central! How did the T-Mobile guy clean out the jack? Use a damp toothpick to root around, or a can of compressed air to blow it out. Also try shining a bright light into the jack to see if any debris is visible. If the jack is clean, and multiple headphones have the same problem, then it's probably a headphone jack problem. If the phone is new, see if you can get it replaced at T-Mobile. If it's past the 2 week replacement period, you'll probably have to talk directly to LG for warranty repair/replacement.

    Just to be sure--are the headphones you tried pure headphones, without a microphone? Some headsets with microphones that are designed for iPhones can have uncertain compatibility with other devices.
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    Default Re: Only getting sound on one side with headphones

    Thank you! I am not sure what he did - he took it in the back and I have used a can of air a couple times. I tried my Bose Noise Cancelling headphones as well as a couple other pairs without a mic and still nothing. I have Jump so it's not an issue to get a replacement; it's more that a phone that I have had for 10 weeks already has a problem! I was hoping it was a setting that maybe got inadvertently turned off.

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