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    Default Quiet Mode override...

    Since I installed the latest update which adds knock code I've noticed that I can't override quiet mode anymore when it is in scheduled mode.


    I have quiet mode set to automatically switch on at 11:30pm and go off at 6:30am. If I needed quiet mode on before 11:30pm I used to be able to switch it on using the toggle or by going into settings. But now it doesn't work. The only way I can manually switch it on is by disabling the scheduled activation first.

    Anyone else noticing this??

    EDIT: In fact, just noticed that the quiet mode notification toggle doesn't work at all now. If I press it it stays grey, but does give the message that quiet mode is on. But when going into quiet mode settings it is still switched off!
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    Default Re: Quiet Mode override...


    Removed the quiet mode toggle from the notification pull down and then added it back again. Now its all working fine.

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