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    Default how has the g2 held up

    I'm looking at the g2 m8 and maybe the z2 as I jump from my z1s I was gana get the g2 when I switched to tmobile but wanted to try out Sony but the z1s has given me a bad taste was looking to keep this phone for at least a year an a half but 3 z1s later and still no kitkat with this anti shatter film that scratches so easy I will be giving it up so how has the g2 held up are you looking to keep it another year?

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    Default Re: how has the g2 held up

    I've had my G2 for almost 6 months and it's held up very well. No scratches or cracks anywhere. Never been dropped on a hard surface. I use a poetic slim case when I'm out. It has a matte finish which helps with gripping the phone. I'll probably keep it as my primary phone for at least the next year.

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    Default Re: how has the g2 held up

    No screen cover, and just the Incipio Feather case. I keep my phone loose in my pocket or purse, and still not a single scratch on the screen.

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    Default Re: how has the g2 held up

    FThis is my second G2 the first one started to crack in the corners and I dropped it in my basement cement floor and it shattered the display payed LG 167.00 to fix it they sent a brand new G2 actually everything works better I have it in a case but I work outside and screen covers make it to hard to see in sunlight I love thousand phone that is why I paid up when I broke my other one

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