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    Default LG G2 Blinking Red LED

    Phone will not turn on, just replaced the battery and now the Red LED light blinks when I plug it in.
    Obviously it's not getting a charge, but when I hold down the power button, it will blink for almost exactly 8 seconds and then stop blinking for a moment, and then resume blinking and repeat.

    8 Blinks
    8 Blinks

    After a while, it'll stop blinking all together, and then start blinking again.

    This phone is not rooted, and I just replaced the screen on it before it went to ****.
    After that, it turned on once, I rebooted it to put the SIM back in, and it wouldn't turn back on.
    Replaced the Battery, and now it is showing some signs of life through the Blinking LED.

    Is there anything that anyone knows that signifies the blinking LEDs?

    I have a new USB Charging Port and Flex Cable assembly coming, and I'm hoping that will fix it, but if it doesn't, the only other part that I can think of is the motherboard, and I don't want to have to pay $100 to replace the mainboard... Maybe a bad antennae cable, or some sort of POST check that doesn't pass before the battery will initialize?

    The phone is out of warranty, and I am not above replacing parts.

    Any help is appreciated!
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    Default Re: LG G2 Blinking Red LED

    Did you replace the battery yourself, or did a repair shop do it? I'm not a DIY kind of guy, so I can't be sure, but maybe the battery wasn't connected properly. It's always possible that the battery was dead on arrival as well when you got it--were you able to test it out beforehand?
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    Default Re: LG G2 Blinking Red LED

    Literally JUST fixed my problem.

    Left it plugged in with the stock Cord/USB Charger for 4 hours, came home and it was 100% Charged screen.

    But then, it wouldn't boot past the LG Screen.

    I then reseated the battery, popped it back on the charger and now it's ON and working.
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    Default Re: LG G2 Blinking Red LED

    A little addition to this.
    Battery drains incredibly fast, like 1% per minute.
    And the phone dies at 70%.

    I'm guessing crap battery was shipped to me... bought another one and just waiting for it.
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    Default Re: LG G2 Blinking Red LED

    Where did you get the battery from?

    Given all you've done, sounds like you probably could have bought a brand new phone. 😢

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    Default Re: LG G2 Blinking Red LED

    I have the same issue, the phone doesn't boot up. When I charge it,it shows red led. if i press power button it blinks for 8 times, stops, and repeats. I charged the battery overnight. but same issue. please suggest me any other solution if you have.
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    Default Re: LG G2 Blinking Red LED

    i had the same issue i disconnect the batterie for a few seconcond and reconnected after
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    Default Re: LG G2 Blinking Red LED

    didnt work for me.and how did it charge for you.mine doesnt charge and blinks for a while(on charging)then lg logo appears then it stays for a while then red light again.if i press for a while the phone goes into recovery but shows 0 percent charging.what should i do
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    Default Re: LG G2 Blinking Red LED

    If your battery is low, this could happen.
    When you put the battery into the external charger.
    It went flashing and refused to charge.

    If that happen, unplug the usb from the wall wart.
    Find another bigger wall wart or usb power source that has a rating
    of over 2A current. The charging could resume without flashing.

    Without any proof, this is my blind guessing.
    When the battery is low, it draws more current. So when the battery is
    almost empty, if you plug in the wall wart through the usb cable. The current
    was high causing the voltage to drop. When the little black toaster with an LED
    detected the voltage is weak, it stops charging.

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