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    Default Camera

    Does anybody else think the pictures are not great on the LG3. I mean I am coming from the S5 and that camera/pictures where perfect.
    Is everybody using the stock camera app or are there other apps that will help in picture taking with this camera/phone? So far really like the phone, but just don't like the pictures it takes.

    Any help would be great full.
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    Default Re: Camera

    Everyone's experiences are different.
    Most everyone else seems to have little problem.
    Some examples: LG G3: Show off what that camera can do

    As some sharpness, etc can be lost in translation, but post up a couple of examples if you can.


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    Default Re: Camera

    If it's of any interest, I use a Lumia 1020 and it compares favourably with that.

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    Default Re: Camera

    ...Although the G3 low-light performance is not to everyone's liking because of the post-processing artefacts it produces. I haven't used mine for low-light yet so can't comment.

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    Default Re: Camera

    Low light I find is good. Way better than s5.

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    Default Re: Camera

    The S5's lowlight pictures are shocking and many reviews will confirm this.

    I can't state a comparison as I don't have an S5.

    But overall although not perfect the G3's Optics has impressed and it a great Camera.

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