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    Default What's this question mark SIM?

    I'm with Verizon, calls and messages and everything works just fine. It'll go away when phone it's reset but keeps popping back up randomly.

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    Default Re: What's this question mark SIM?

    That looks like an issue with the SD Card. Power off the phone, remove the card & run a scandisk on it. If that goes ok, reinsert the card (make sure it's seated in the slot properly). If you still see the icon, try a different SD Card.
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    Default Re: What's this question mark SIM?

    Thanks will try. Even though the memory card works perfectly fine. Maybe not compatable.
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    I just got this icon showing up in my status bar today. In the middle of the day. I haven't touched my SD card, physically, since I got my phone. But have been using files on it almost daily.

    Going to try and re-seat it. Hoping I don't have to format it now.

    Edit: That did the trick! Re-seat. Strange, considering that access to it still worked. Still don't understand what that icon means. Is it a warning?

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