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    Default Out of the blue- G3 asks for PIN to unlock...

    Knock codes working fine most of the time.
    Just checked some email.... took a phone call.
    After the phone call ended, there's a screen asking me to enter my backup PIN code or sign in with my Google account. I cannot "go back" or get out of it until I enter PIN, reset knock code, etc.
    Why? Has anyone run into this?
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    Default Re: Out of the blue- G3 asks for PIN to unlock...

    Had something similar recently on my Lumia....thanking me afterwards for doing it, and explaining it was a security check. Something like that perhaps?

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    Default Re: Out of the blue- G3 asks for PIN to unlock...

    THAT sounds very odd...suspicious even.
    Why would, for no apparent reason, the phone ask to confirm the backup PIN?
    I have had some issues (see recent post) about the double-tap to wake and the knock code not working on the first try.
    I wonder if there's something really glitchy with the wake and unlock sequences and this is part of it?
    Supposedly the new Android update description that refers to fixing knock code.
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    The Microsoft thing just asked me to enter my account password, which seemed all right to me....I could probably have backed out but couldn't have proceeded with whatever I was doing at the time. There's no money accessible on that phone.
    Yes, yours does sound a tad dubious in comparison and all the more so if you have got money in there. But don't get paranoid on my account.

    Edit. It could well be a knock code glitch. The v10h EUR update addressed that among other things but since I use PIN rather than knock code I can't comment on that.

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