Anyone found a root exploit for the Lucid 2 yet? I mean its not on Rootzwiki or XDA so to me that sounds like almost nobody is even working on it, which is outrageous. Especially compared to a lot of wack devices still on xda's list. If it would get a spot on there someone would see it and root it just to have their name on it. My best friend just picked it up and he usually gets me to do the work on his Androids I've been rooting since the OG & Eris came out 4 years ago. I can find an exploit lots of times if I have the device in my hands but I don't, it's 4 hours away. I might see if I can find an OTA or the source online somewhere to download and mess with it, and if I can get something working and make a fun little build for it. But if so I'd have to get someone to work on a recovery. Until then if I can root it I'll just make a rooted that can be flashed in stock recovery. But If ANYONE knows about any development for the Lucid 2 lemme know, or if I find an exploit and anyone wants to test for me lemme know.