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    Default Software Update changes?

    Anyone privy to the recent software update changes? I couldn't find a change log anywhere when i updated my Lucid 2 this morning and the Android version is still 4.1.2.

    Even more perplexing, the website Verizon gave for more info (verizonwireless.com/lucid2support) isn't even a functioning webpage. It just throws an error.
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    Default Re: Software Update changes?

    Figured out at least one change: the wonky light sensor. The update fixes this and allows the screen dimming/brightening to behave much less erratically.

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    Default Re: Software Update changes?

    That website worked (I copy/pasted it from your post) on my PC. Must've been a temporary glitch. Anyway, below is a screen-scrape from Verizon's PDF. The dashed items are indented under the preceding bullet item.

    I noticed one other new thing in Application Manager/Running: "Verizon Location Agent." Just what we need on a 1GB phone: another 10 MB of free RAM taken away. If I had known I would lose 10 MB of free RAM, I wouldn't have updated.

    Also, despite the new Google Maps Services (R5), I still have my Navigation icon, unlike others who have updated Maps and lost that icon. Maybe that isn't what takes it away.

    Data usage applies. 2013 Verizon Wireless. 0513-G2747
    Accessibility features
    Improvements to the User Interface (UI)
    Google Map Services updated to version R5
    Updated pre-loaded applications
    Google native accessibility
    -TalkBack provides spoken feedback for phone features
    -Select touch delay time for physical disabilities.
    -Device reads characters aloud when they are entered into password fields
    -End a call by pressing the power button
    Shades feature
    -Set device to 0% brightness to save power
    Easy access feature
    -Easily change access settings
    -Triple-tap home button to toggle between TalkBack, Invert Color, and Universal
    Touch or jump directly to accessibility settings
    Universal touch feature (assistive touch)
    -Easy to use touch board for general buttons or gestures
    Invert color feature
    -Invert color gives viewscreen more color contrast. Tap and drag screen to adjust
    Mono audio feature
    -Combine both audio channels to play in each ear
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    Default Re: Software Update changes?

    Yeah, after weeks of no free ram or storage (turns out I'm more of a power user than I originally thought) I took the plunge on an EDGE plan and the G2. What an amazing phone!

    The Lucid 2 started randomly rebooting, running sluggish (it would take up to 30 seconds just to open Messages app) and displaying overall wonky behavior. No way could I have stuck it out with that thing for another 13 months under that contract.

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