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    CM7.2/MiRaGe kernel

    Wink [ROM] [E739 & E730] PenberRom2 [PA+AOKP+CM9] V3.7

    I had started this thread over at CM forums:

    Tho there's almost no activity in these forums I thought I might as well post the rom anyway.


    Here is a heavily modified PACman ICS rom for the E739, it's an ICS powerhouse that has just about everything you would ever want/need in one rom. I will try my best to keep this rom updated, I have some ideas in mind already. This rom is based on how I have my device set up.By the way if you're an E730 user just swap kernels and you're set, if you wanna make it more E730ish edit the build.prop accordingly. Otherwise you can download the newer version which includes a E730 release [v2.2]

    Why the name PenberRom2? Because I had worked on a CM7 version of PenberRom but never released it. I got tired of GB so I scrapped it. If we had CyanMobile I may consider giving it another shot, since that's what I wanted to base it on.

    Update: Rom files will be named like in this example from now on, it looks neater this way: E739_PA+AOKP+CM9_PenberRom2_v2.5 -


    What works:- everything as far as I know- GPS fixed, fully working on 5/03/2013 build thanks to maucat

    What doesn't work:- same bugs every ICS rom has (random reboots/demigod crash/panorama preview is reversed)

     3/16/2013 release
    - used PAC ROM ++ as base rom, tweaked and redone
    - Added andr00ib AOKP JB kernel just for test purposes, turned out making it faster and less likely to crash (will revert to andr00ib's ICS kernel in next update)
    - my tweaked build.prop and pad.prop- supercharged services.jar
    - tuned dirty radio values on boot
    - cleans cache and ram on boot
    -Fluid Project
    - Supercharged services.jar
    - zipalign on boot
    - vacuum sqlite databases on boot
    - fix permissions on boot
    - tweaked loopysmoothness script (will add mine in next update)
    - governor tweaks
    - entropy generator tweak enabled
    - activated vsync
    - vm670 egl patch to force hardware rendering by default (thank you mrg666 for helping me distribute my patch as a cwm flash)
    - Camera JB + (for working video on JB kernel use this camera with resolution set to 480p)
    - JB swipe gesture keyboard (activate from Language & Input settings)
    - no need for additional tweaks, runs great as is
    3/17/2013 updated to v1.5
    - Apex Launcher added
    - added my tweaked loopysmoothness tweak
    - Camera JB + won't be needed for video on this update, you can now use the default camera app
    - removed extra unnecessary scripts
    - added a few more useful apps, some inverted (not my work)
    - reverted back to ICS kernel since using the JB one caused occasional FCs but it never randomly rebooted
     4/15/2013 updated to v2.0
    - added more useful apps that I normally use in /data/apps [full
    ]- added lite version, comes up to 102mb unlike the full version which is 141mbs
    - tweaked a couple of init.d scripts, I don't really remember which since I haven't kept track the past couple of weeks, been really busy at work some people quit so I had to fill in for them so I'm sorry I haven't kept track of that
    - further enhanced performance, should be slightly smoother than last update
    - custom system sounds!! requested and granted, it's a mix of Linda and MIUIv4 sounds :D
    - tweaked build.prop a bit, nothing too major but it should speed things up
    - replaced Talk with regular version, inverted one kept force closing
    - changed base rom, now using maucat's build of PACman ICS (I hope he's okay with this)
    - tried my very best to fix GPS with no luck so far :/ any help with this would be greatly appreciated
    - I can't remember the rest but the rom is super freaking smooth and stable, little by little I'm trying to make this the best ICS rom for our device.
    4/22/2013 updated to v2.2
    - PenberRom2 Lite now available for E730 users
    - tweaked build.prop a bit more, should notice performance improvement
    - tweaked some init.d scripts
    - trying out a different tweak for GPS, hopefully it works this time
    - might scrap the full version and stick with the lite version from now on (saves space)
    - getting ready to release PenberRom3 but I highly suggest you stick with this rom, at the moment this is more stable than PenberRom3
    4/24/2013 updated to v2.3
    - re-supercharged services.jar just to make sure all is running well
    - added INFINITY-engine
    - trying out a new GPS tweak recommended by MDub1, let's hope it works for all of us
    5/03/2013 updated to v2.5 [BIG UPDATE]
    - Cleaned & optimized (framework-res,clock,notes,paranoid backup,music,wallpapers,bootanimation[OPTIONAL],new LatinIME and etc) thanks to maucat
    - Updated kernel, compiled with Linaro Toolchain 4.7.3 - big thanks to andr00ib for this
    - GPS fully working FINALLY!! Thanks maucat, I'm pretty sure you had something to do with it :D
    - Apex Launcher is broken in latest build so I replaced it with Smart launcher, which is pretty simplistic and lightweight (way less ram usage)
    - Re-added updated Play Store
    - Added some useful apps (ClockSync, GPS Status Toolbox, Leo AGPS, sEFix)
    - Re-added INFINITY-engine and some other scripts (cron, setrenice, entropy, Governor, journaldisable, tune, and some Pimp My Rom sleeper and i/o scheduler tweaks)
    - Updated build.prop
    - A couple of different bootanimations were made, the newest one is included.
     5/07/2013 updated to v2.5.1 [UPDATE + FIXES]
    - Attempted to SuperCharge with my current settings
    .- Removed GPS Status Toolbox and Leo AGPS, users reported that placing those apps in /system/app/ causes them to force close back-to-back
    - Added Font Installer, for those who don't like the new fonts and would like to change them for a different set
    .- Updated init.d scripts folder
    -I've added some new scripts and renamed some, the rest is working fine so no need to tweak anything else in this build.
    This is what is currently in there:
    06_adreno (not sure how this effects ICS, not sure if it even works)
    5/27/2013 updated to v3 [UPDATE+BUG FIXES+GNOW+RTMIXMANAGER]
    - Thanks LENAROX for RTMixManager gamer profile tweaks: 
    - Thanks cajunflavoredbob for Inverted GNow: 
    - New clear Play Store up-to-date!
    - Updated font to Ubuntu font, I figured Sony Sketch was a bit too small to read
    - New sick bootanimation created by djwuh, thanks dude :)
    - New init.d script I made with simple speed and battery tweaks [S99Penberism]
    - Cleaned up init.d folder a whole lot, picked out much better working scripts that don't conflict.
    - Re-enabled my egl patch
    - Cleaned up build.prop some more
    - Rom will take up about 30mb more space than the last version (which leaves it around 130mbs), but GNow is included with offline voice dictation included to make up for that
    What's new?
    - New kernel with BLN support and it's highly optimized as well (yes that's right, andr00ib optimized it even more)
    - I even included BLN Control app
    - As an extra I also included utter! because I thought it was a pretty sick app :)
    - Terminal Scripts -
    Type "su" then..
    Some of this new stuff is from HarshGinger so I wanna thank nomanman for that too, thanks dude :)
    5/29/2013 updated to v3.7 [went through a bunch of tests, removed GNow, added Fluid Libs, new build.prop edit + init.d scripts]
    - Removed GNow, it defeats the purpose of the rom since it lagged with it
    - newer startup scripts
    - smoother and less likely to reboot thanks to Fluid Libs
    - Rom Downloads (gapps not needed, already included) -
    latest release - 6/12/2013 - v3.7
    download links:
    Add-ons: [AROMA Installer]

    What's new?
    - Removed GNow, it defeats the purpose of the rom since it lagged with it
    - newer startup scripts
    - smoother and less likely to reboot thanks to Fluid Libs

    All versions:
    v1.0 release 3/16/2013 download link:

    v1.5 update 3/17/2013 download link:

    v2.0 update 4/15/2013 download links: (this one is a double release)
    Lite version:
    Full version:

    v2.2 update 4/22/2013 download links:

    v2.3 update 4/24/2013 download links:

    v2.5 update: 5/03/2013 download links:
    E730: as soon as Linaro 4.7.3 kernel is compiled I'll release it

    v2.5.1 update + fixes: download links:
    E730: as soon as I get a chance to replace the kernel I'll finish it off

    v3 update + fixes + GNow: download links:
    Add-ons: [AROMA Installer]

    v3.2 update+new kernel+720 video working+built-in logger module (kernel)+more optimized kernel+faster: download links:

    What's new?
    - New kernel with BLN support and it's highly optimized as well (yes that's right, andr00ib optimized it even more)
    - I've even included BLN Control app
    - As an extra I included utter! because I thought it was a pretty sick app

    v3.7 smoother+GNow removed
    download links:

    - Mirror links hosted by Marian Marchis -

    v1.0 release 3/16/2013 download link:
    1.5 update 3/17/2013 download link:

    I am not responsible for any damage caused to your device by using this rom. Always make a nandroid backup before flashing a new rom. I recommend a full wipe before flashing this rom, I got the best results that way.

    (Sill being worked on, standby before trying any of these.)

    - Paranoid Android Backup pad.prop files (preconfigured layouts):

    - Google Now [AROMA Flashable] optional:

    - Swap: Built-in swap included! You have 2 choices, which can be run through the terminal emulator.

    swap2cache: creates & automounts 64mb swap file located in /cache/swap/ (if you wanna delete it for space on /cache/ use Root Explorer to locate and manually delete the swap file)

    swap2data: creates & automounts 64mb swap file located in /data/swap/ (if you wanna delete it for space on /data/ use Root Explorer to locate and manually delete the swap file)

    To see if it's working open the terminal emulator and type these commands:

    Where it displays swap it shouldn't display as 0 0 0

    Also, I recommend disabling zram when using swap.

    - For the audiophiles-

    - AwesomeBeats v5: I highly recommend Awesome Beats, I've been using it for months and I'm pretty content with it.:

    - PureXAudio Lite by ZeroInfinity@XDA: Something new that just popped up, I'm gonna test it out and tell you guys what I think of it.

    - Official ViPER4Android Audio Effects (Cure Tech+) (Headphone Surround+): By far the best audio mod ever, you can't go wrong with this. Thanks for the recommendation djwuh:

    - \/ COMING SOON!! \/ -
    Experimental builds

    - PenberRom3 -

    - P-Lord -

    I can't guarantee these will run stable but I need users who are willing to test this
    and report back to me if it runs well or if something should be improved.

    My GTalk is berrios.leonardo

    - /\ COMING SOON!! /\ -

    - Credit -
    credit goes out to:
    - maucat (for the base rom used in 4/15/2013 builds and for porting PACman in the first place and fixing GPS and optimizing the newer builds since v2.5 on 5/03/2013)
    - beastmode (thank you for Paranoid Android and AOKP, we owe you big time)
    - andr00ib (motivated me to release modded versions of his rom, releases before 4/15/2013 are based on his rom)
    - djwuh/wuh for testing
    - kdog1202 for testing
    - Marian Marchis for d-h mirrors when I first posted this rom
    - mysteryemotionz (taught me a lot in the beginning, big thanks goes to mystery)
    - medicjunkie (for being patient with me and helping out throughout the noob-ish days)
    - zepplinrox (for supercharged services.jar)
    - Spex (for Project Fluid, probably one of the most amazing set of tweaks)
    - Paranoid Android
    - AOKP
    - CyanogenMod
    - various other users, will edit and add as I am reminded (I'd greatly appreciate it, not trying to take all the credit)
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    Default Re: [ROM] [E739 & E730] PenberRom2 [PA+AOKP+CM9] V3.7

    i'll test them out
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    Default Re: [ROM] [E739 & E730] PenberRom2 [PA+AOKP+CM9] V3.7

    Great rom

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    Default Re: [ROM] [E739 & E730] PenberRom2 [PA+AOKP+CM9] V3.7

    Hi umm what is the Add-ons? What does it do? how can i flash/installl it?
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    Default Re: [ROM] [E739 & E730] PenberRom2 [PA+AOKP+CM9] V3.7

    where did the experimental Roms at can't download for 739

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