........my rogers lg is on susspended service. 1 and half year old. susspended one month. i was using wifi to access text plus e mail etc,facebook yesterday wifi just stopped working even though it says fully connected.i cannot access anything on net. tried many things. got tired of it and hard rebooted. problem still persists. it says connected to unsecure network. i have password and connect to another secured network it trys to authenticate but keeps disconnecting. phone is working fine in all other ways. any help? wifi was working whole time phone was susspended. my wifi set to never sleep.also on susspended service my phone still reads full cell bars and 4 g or e comes up all the time. even if i turn of network enabled. i have feeling wifi on phone is just screwed. can it be fixed? itried soft and hard reboots. wifi only worked when i went to safeway lol. it would connect but no service still untill i agreed to safeways little wifi agreement page in browser. i pressed agree and it remained connected and i actually got internet service. my feeling is its some kinda security issue?? could be wrong. someone please help me???????????