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    Default Camera speed

    Hey this is my first post and I thought I'd start out with a question.

    I have noticed that the camera speed of my P970 has gotten extremely slow. Has anybody experienced this too or does anyone know what to do about it?

    Help is appreciated since it makes quick snapshots impossible :-(
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    It works fine on mine. Did u tried another sdcard. maybe u need to format it.
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    Tried another (empty) sd card I had laying around here and it worked perfectly.So I put my old sd card back, ran a format and it worked perfectly aswell. As soon as I restore my backed up things on the sd card again, the camera takes longer to store pictures, although the lag I had with actually taking the snapshot is gone.
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    What type of sd card do you have, which class is it?

    Class Speed
    Class 2>>> 2 MB/s
    Class 4>> 4 MB/s
    Class 6>> 6 MB/s
    Class 10>> 10 MB/s

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    Its a 4Gb Micro SD HC and I guess its class 2 (little number in a circle on the SD card) So I guess I should buy a new one? Perhaps class 6?
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    Default Re: Camera speed

    My sd is a 4 but if you want no problems recording HD video at all, yeah it would be best the 6.

    Also I was thinking if your restoring the files back into ur sd card, your restoring the problem as well (it may be a corrupted file). So I would recommend just to restore your important files back into the sd.
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    Yeah thats what I thought to so i did only restore the important files.
    I'll probably buy a new faster card with more space soon.
    Thank you for your help

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