Still loving my Optimus G Pro, but about 2 weeks ago the LTE radio stopped working. I pulled off the back cover and discovered that one of the contacts that connects the phone with the back cover was not fully "up". When I tried to gently bend it up, of course it snapped off. Putting a bit of tin foil in there to make the contact did not help.

Frankly, HSPA+ is plenty fast enough for everything I do, so this doesn't bother me a lot. However, my battery life appears to be headed southward, I assume since the phone is constantly trying to connect to LTE.

Does anyone have either a working method to make the connection work again, or a way to disable LTE on the AT&T version of the OGP?

I'm not that bad with a soldering iron, but if a pressure-fit bit of tin foil don't work I'm afraid of applying heat to the phone - I'm not completely sure the LTE radio even works now, and I might make things worse.