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    Default HELP - Stuck in LG Boot Loop after upgrade.


    I tried to upgrade my LG Optimus G phone software using the LG PC Suite software today. The available upgrade was from E9751D to E7951F however when the upgrade was finished the phone would not restart. It keeps rebooting itself with a message 'Android Upgrading - Starting Apps' and it goes back to restart.

    Any help would be appreciated. I don't want to do a factory hard reset (not sure if that would work) yet as I don't want to loose any data.

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    Default Re: HELP - Stuck in LG Boot Loop after upgrade.

    Turned out the latest upgrade firmware E97510F is broken and leaves the phone in an unusable state (i.e. boot loop). Restored the original firmware E97510D and it's fine now.
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    Default Re: HELP - Stuck in LG Boot Loop after upgrade.

    How did you restore it to its original firmware when the phone keeps rebooting? Please help. THank you.
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    Default Re: HELP - Stuck in LG Boot Loop after upgrade.

    Well depends on exactly what your issue is ?

    I had to download the KDZ files ( which is the firmware ) and the KDZ updater tool in order to restore. If you need help finding the right .kdz file for your phone you can use the URL link below and substitute the IMEI number of your phone in the URL to see what latest KDZ file is available. You can download the KDZ file from the page which appears when you open that link. Once you have .kdz download the KDZ updater tool (google to download it) and use the file and updater tool to restore the firmware.



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