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    Default Lg optimus g/ battery problems

    Hi everyone, I'm from Brazil and I apologize for my english errors, but... look that: Lg optimus g/ battery problems-screenshot_2013-09-11-20-28-27.png

    Whats wrong? My last phone was a Xperia Arc (SONY) and android system use was about 10%... Anyone help me? My phone is going down with 10hours, so sad... My carrier is TIM.

    My phone is a LG OPTIMUS G E977
    Android Version: 4.1.2
    Kernel Version: 3.4.0
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    Default Re: Lg optimus g/ battery problems

    Welcome to Android Central! With each Android system update, we've seen increasing activity of Android OS in the battery stats. Part of this is probably that the OS is doing more, since each update brings more features, but part of it may also be that other system processes that were never included under "Android OS" in the past are now being included, thus artificially inflating the percentage.

    There could still be some system process that is working too much and using too much battery. Review this guide and see if any of the tips helps: http://forums.androidcentral.com/amb...ving-tips.html
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    Default Re: Lg optimus g/ battery problems

    I think switching off your GPS and WiFi until when needed does help. Screen brightness is also a battery eater. Reduce to bearable level.

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    Default Re: Lg optimus g/ battery problems

    My last phone was a Xperia Arc from Sony, was the same Android version: 4.1.2.. I know those things, turn off Wifi could help, GPS & etc.. But i feel something is going bad, its impossible to a system use 52% of a battery (All sync off, another stuffs tho)... Its like that topic: Android OS battery use???
    But my carrier isnt AT&T.. So that app wont fix my issue..
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    Default Re: Lg optimus g/ battery problems

    I do not know the Arc, but I had a similar issue between an Optimus S and LG Marquee. In my case it was a percentage problem. Let me explain.

    On the optimus S, the screen took most of the battery, so always had the biggest spot on the chart, on the Marquee, it had a different type of LCD that did not draw as much power. On this phone the OS showed as the top battery user. Battery life was still good, so it is not that the OS was drawing more power, it had just become the biggest user because other items were better.

    Something similar may be happening to you as well.
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    Default Re: Lg optimus g/ battery problems

    Sprint provider. 75% screen, 14% op sys. But I run bright because it looks so good, but I manually turn my screen off when not using.

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