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    Default Problem with freeing up internal storage

    I recently bought an Optimus f3, which I didn't find listed in the forums, I am hoping someone here can help me anyway. My internal memory is full. I manually move every app I can move onto my SDS card, but my internal memory is still showing full. I use Root Browser, and it shows that the files I moved are on my SDS card. Could they be in both places now? This is driving me crazy because every action takes forever to complete, and even turning my phone off is becoming a problem. Should I re-format my SDS card? I really don't want to do that unless it's the only way to solve this problem. Does anyone know how to fix this? (My SDS card is 16 GB and has tons of space left on it.)
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    Default Re: Problem with freeing up internal storage

    You could clear the caches to try to free up space. Copy and paste all your media to the card and then go back and delete the media from the phone. See if that frees some space.

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