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    Default Can't locate gps

    I turned on the GPS on the LG optimus g AT&T and it didn't (even after minutes of waiting) find a satellite. It isn't the data plan or anything like that cause I don't have one yet. I just want to know how to fix this. Or is it just that there are none above my location?
    Please help fast =)

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    Default Re: Can't locate gps

    I'm using SlimKat (4.4.4), and I had that problem (I think.) It would see some satellites, but the signal strength was never high enough to get a lock (I waited several minutes.) I flashed cwm-ATTJB-Radio.zip (I don't remember exactly where I downloaded it, probably somewhere on xda-developers, but a quick google search should find it) and now it's working fine. However, it now shows my carrier as "Maritime" instead of "AT&T"

    EDIT: I just noticed your other post, and it looks like you're on the stock rom. You should probably disregard everything I wrote.
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    Default Re: Can't locate gps

    Oh. Well thanks anyway

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