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    Can anyone tell me why a manufacture of a cell phone or its software would market there product with a low on board storage capacity but then offer an up to 32 GB SD external storage mentioning nothing about this products inability to utilize any of the 32 GB of external storage. Resulting in no storage left internally to even update your apps or the apps the phone comes with. This at the very least sounds like fraud to me. But more like malicious with intent. If any of you duped Customers are tired of this kind of **** contact me as I am filing a class action law suite because I'm tired of it also.
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    Welcome to Android Central! I agree that it can be very confusing, and most manufacturers don't prominently warn consumers that 4 GB of internal storage means only about 1 GB of usable storage, which is the only place to install apps. The external microSD isn't completely useless--the primary benefit is to store media files like music and videos (and sometimes people like to store a lot of these).

    It's part of the reason forums like these can be valuable resources for tech consumers. For example, in a couple of my guides, I discuss this memory issue in more detail:
    [GUIDE] Android Memory and How to Deal with Low Memory Warnings
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    I am also so tired of spending my money on what the girl at the phone store says"is top of the line phone that has lots of memory space". When it turns out that my old phone that i replaced with this piece of sh** LGMS769, had more memory then it does! I hate that! It pisses me off cuz its happened too many times! Plz add me to your clasd action law suit!! Contact me if anything is needed from me to help u in ur quest!!
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    Actually, you can transfer apps to your sd card on the lgsm769. I have one and have transfered several apps to my sd card. The Metro PCS store guy told me you just have to drag and drop the folders yourself when your phone is connected to your pc. I was annoyed at first too but now feel more free to install more apps! Hope that helps

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