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02-22-2012 05:53 PM
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    Default Not charging with car charger

    I have a car charger that is USB plug-in. My phone will not charge on it. I am using the same cord that i charge with in side my house, and My cousin has a samsung captivate and it charges from it so i know it works.

    Any ideas on why it isnt working.
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    Default Re: Not charging with car charger

    In the past, when I was using GPS and tethering, I would lose charge even when plugged in. The problem was that the charger looked like a USB device instead of an AC device and was limiting the charge rate.

    Try plugging the phone into the car, and go into Settings, About Phone, Status. The Battery Status should read "Charging (AC)" for the fastest charging. If it reads "Charging (USB)", it will only charge at some reduced rate, maybe 50%. If it doesn't show that it's charging at all, it's something else going on.

    I eventually found this HTC charger that the Optimus sees as an AC device:

    Amazon.com: HTC MyTouch Dual USB Car Port/Charger: Cell Phones & Accessories

    Hopefully, this will be your fix. If not, maybe it will help someone else.
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    Default Re: Not charging with car charger

    Not to neglect the obvious:
    Make sure both the port and the charger connection are clean. Can-o-air usually works great.

    There was also a thread not too long ago detailing the finicky requirements of ZVH.
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    Default Re: Not charging with car charger

    I just drove for four hours. When I left, I was at around 30% charge. I plugged into the car charger and about 10 minutes from home my battery was completely discharged and had 0% charge remaining. All contacts are clean. I plugged my phone into the AC adapter when I got home and 30 minutes later I'm at 65% charge. What the heck is going on with these car chargers???
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    Default Re: Not charging with car charger

    Like a previous user stated, the USB car chargers that go off of your cigarette lighter outlet charge at a smaller rate than they would when using a wall charger.

    It's good for charging your phone when you're not using it for anything like GPS navigation. Otherwise, even hooked up, it will drain when using GPS.

    Playing music doesn't seem to create a problem.

    In our car (an Avalon), we have a regular two-prong outlet. I find when I have the phone hooked up to that, it doesn't drain because it's using a wall outlet charger. Otherwise, I find that the cigarette charger can't keep up when using GPS.
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    Default Re: Not charging with car charger

    Forgot to reply. I have found the prob. Was the VH update that killed it.

    When i upgraded to VJ it started to work. Also works on VD where i am at now
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    Default Re: Not charging with car charger

    Hi, Can you tell me what that means? VH Or VD update?
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    Default Re: Not charging with car charger

    Quote Originally Posted by parkerthomas2 View Post
    Hi, Can you tell me what that means? VH Or VD update?
    pretty stupid to ask for help, get replies and then when you mumble a few meaningless letters and state that you found the problem, you don't actually say really what fixxed it. oh vh k nice... thats good for you dude, you helped so many people with your now blacl hole of disinformation.
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    Default Re: Not charging with car charger

    VH & VD are shorthand for ZVH & ZVD (which in itself is shorthand for) baseband software versions. It's explained here...
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    Default Re: Not charging with car charger

    My Phone is not a LG, however it's not charging at all in the car. On ac everything is fine. In the car, barely makes a connection with wiggling the wires around might show a charge. But the battery doesn't charge. Same chargers charge everything else. Weird.
    The duck
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    Default Re: Not charging with car charger

    It might have to do with your car's voltage.

    I'm also having a similar issue. Sometimes my phone charges fine in the car and sometimes, especially after driving a while, it fluctuates. One phone gives me a warning that the voltage is too high.

    If the car charger is a simple step down transformer and not voltage regulated, then its voltage would rise and fall along with the alternator.

    Cell phones have regulators not allowing unsafe voltage. Perhaps you can check the voltage of the two outer pins of the charger. If it is but 5 volts that is the reason. Otherwise, my long post is of no use to you.

    Good luck and let me know.

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