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    Question Touch Screen Not Responding

    This happens every so often. It has been a while since I've had this problem until now. It seems like it stays unresponsive for a lot longer than before and rebooting it doesn't help at all, it just starts working again when it feels like it and when it does start to come around it's really glitchy like it wants to move but it gives up and then it starts working like normal. I don't know what sets it off, I have noticed it doesn't seem to matter if it's fully charged or almost dead or if it has been used a lot or not much and it has been running different ROMs. I did a forum search but didn't really come up with anything for this. Could there be a quick way to get it to work again? I can't even answer the phone or unlock the screen because nothing moves at all but if it's the same as before it'll start working again, I just hope sooner than later! If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it.
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    Default Re: Touch Screen Not Responding

    My wifes phone started doing this to and all I did was unrooted and went back to 2.2 and all is great now

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    This is a bug found in the 2.3 gingerbread update. For some reason it doesn't always like to wakeup from sleep. Unfortunitally there is no real fix except rolling back to 2.2 froyo.

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    Default Re: Touch Screen Not Responding

    I'm on Android 2.2, kernel etc, and the touch screen still doesn't work, from time to time. Rebooting (if I'm lucky enough to be able to power it off!) works to clear it. Although, for example, I just did that, and while touch screen works in most places, I can't scroll down the advice bar at the top to display incoming messages / emails / alerts etc, and touching menu options sometimes takes a couple of goes. I have an HTC Legend. Any other ideas? Thanks.
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    Angry Re: Touch Screen Not Responding

    I have the same problem... The screen will just randomly stop responding to my touch. However, holding down the on/off button until it reboots seems to fix it for me....
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    How about if the screen comes on an you can't do anything with it...I can't unlock my phone I can't answer calls or won't let me do anything at all..but the screen comes on like it would work...I haven't dropped it or it has not come in contact with water...can anyone help me with this problem...
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    My phone was working fine. I hung up a call and two seconds later tried to unlock my phone to read a text and my touch screen was not responding. I tried rebooting multiple times. I cannot unlock my phone or use any of my phone functions besides turning it on or off. Is there a fix for this?
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    I'm sorry Im not failure with un rooting it can you explain? My phones touch screen just stopped working for NO REASON what so ever I need it work but iv tried every thing,
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    mine was like that too.i was very careful with it.then all of a sudden it stops responding.i tried to on and off it, then the starting up took like 30minutes. all of my files was there cant access it through kies or even my computer because i turbed off USB debugging.did u happen to solve what's wrong?pls let me the way im using samsung galaxy S1..

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