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    Default i NEED HELP!!!!

    my phone is saying that my sd card is blank or that it has unsupported filesystem. when i try to hook it up to my pc it says their is a problem using your sd card for mass storage. i have also tried using a card reader and that didnt work either. everytime i try and format the sd card it doesnt work it just pops up and say that the sd card is currently being checked then it stops trying to format it. i dont really want to lose everything that is on it but if i have to i will.anybody have any ideas???
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    Default Re: i NEED HELP!!!!

    Any ideas? Yes. Do backups of your SD card more often because it sounds like yours went bad and you are screwed.
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    Default Re: i NEED HELP!!!!

    When did this problem occur? What has changed?
    What format did you use on it?

    Backups are key. I have had 2 SD card failures in the last 12 months: 1 after 10 months; the other after only one month.
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    Default Re: i NEED HELP!!!!

    It happened yesterday right after I dropped my phone. And I just used the phones formatting thing and it didn't work

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