Hey, okay. I am new to Android and, more precisely, trying to customize the android experience. I live in a condo where I can not get a good reception. When not roaming, my phone goes back-and-forth trying to stay connected to Sprint. So I just installed to force roam when I am home. This is so that I can at least get prompt notifications by text, or from when a caller that is sent straight to voicemail leaves me a voice message. So I recently discovered the workaround possible through GVoice and GrooveIP. It is working great, but I want a more seamless transition between my mobile experience and when I get home and need to roam, turn on wi-fi, receive calls through GrooveIP, and then revers that when I leave my home. Thus I purchased .

Tasker is confusing me. It reminds me of spreadsheets, but I don't really know how to use spreadsheets. Here some of the things I want to accomplish:

1.) When I get within range of my home wi-fi connection I want my Tasker to automatically force roam, connect to my wi-fi connection, and enable GrooveIP. I want all calls and texts to then be handled via wi-fi. So if I need to disable anything native to my phone, please inform me and instruct me on how to do so with Tasker.

2.) When I move out-of-range of my wi-fi i want Tasker to disable wi-fi, switch off roaming, and just resume regular cellular service.

I see where to create new tasks and where to input things, but once it starts getting into inputting values, and whatsits, I get confused. It is definitely beyond my novice skill-set. Any help would be very much appreciated.