Here's the deal...
I installed ROM manager, did everything correct on the walktrough and installed Cyanogen on my Optimus X2, after that, I flashed the archived signed as Gapps that I downloaded in the same page from the cyanogen website... The ROM did OK, but the Gapps didnt work, at all. Nothing happened, and now I got my android phone without any google aplication, that means without market.
I downloaded other version of the Gapps zip file, but now, when I try to enter in recovery mode through the ROM manager, the phone just reboot normally, and skips to the normal screen, in other words, it does not enter in the recovery mode at all. Can anyone PLEASE help? There's some way i could flash this Gapps pacage directly from the computer via USB debuging, or fix this "can't enter recovery mode" problem?