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    Default How long does LG repair services take?

    So I sent my Lg Optimus F3 LTE on Thursday (05/17) and i guess they received it that Saturday but did not register it on their LG repair tracking till the following Monday. My phones been broken for about 2 weeks now and its pretty inconvenient (it malfunctioned and hard bricked randomly, was experiencing a lot of memory issues and phone turning off and on for a couple weeks before it/ also never rooted or made any changes to the actual developer settings). I bought it of ebay I messaged the original owner for a receipt or when he purchased it and he replied saying he did not have it anymore.
    I looked at lg warranty and it states that there is a 15 month period of warranty without proof of purchase since the actual date of the phones manufacture. So I registered the phone on Lg site and sent it in. I have not gotten a response for them except for the repair tracking service change to "the unit is being repaired"

    My question is are they going to repair it, and then say "oh, you owe us this much because.. blah blah blah" without telling me first the details of the phone because I have not received anything from them yet.

    Also people who have sent their phones in to Lgs texas repair warehouse, how long did it take for your phone to actually come back?

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    Default Re: How long does LG repair services take?

    Did you get your phone back yet? How much time did it take? And did they cover the entire cost?

    Curious because I need to send my Optimus F3 to them soon. Luckily it hasn't been a year since purchase so I'm still under warranty.

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