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    Default LG VZW Sible War: Ally v. Vortex

    I have a mom that has a (non-Android) LG phone from Big Red, and I'm trying to get her into Android; understandably, she likes Life's Good's phones (we have other LG products as well) and, given their features and price, I can't say I blame her; LG has become in Android what Samsung used to be (as far as VZW goes) - a low-end bang-for-buck brand (especially with Ally, and now Vortex).

    The issue is, which would make more sense?

    She's a texter (way more than even me!) and we have a wireless router at home (N and capable of up to WPA2 encryption). While the Ally hasn't seen Froyo yet officially, the Vortex includes 2.2.1. She's never owned a smartphone. The apps aren't the biggie - keyboard issues and wifi support are. Which LG would be best suited for the Android Rookie?
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    vortex for software and usability. but she is a keyboad fan and really isn't going to push the software to its limits the ally would be fine to.
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    Ally = Lag, not powerfull, and who knows if its getting 2.2 (I guess the keyboard is okay?)

    Vortex = Not laggy, 2.2, and moderately powerful/able to run most apps.

    I'd get the vortex for her-The Ally is pretty bad, but if youre going to pay all that money for the data plan you might as well get the best media device you can.

    Id suggest talking her into/buying for her a Droid 2 global if you possibly can, it beats both Lg phones hands down.
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    I looked at both of these phones for my daughter and went with the Vortex for her. I am one of those people that has to have a physical keyboard, but her Vortex virtual keyboard was actually great in both landscape and portrait. I was very surprised since I have a hard time with my Hubby's Droid keypad. I love LG phones and had many of their phones myself before I got my BB and find them well made and a great bang for the buck. Also, if you are wondering about the Violet color on the Vortex, it is more of a deep plum or burgundy color, quite nice if you want something with a little color for her. I do think you will find that the Vortex will get more support in the future than the Ally and while either is great, I would get the Vortex.

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