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    Default Anyone running Linux on their phones?

    I've been playing with it a little myself recently. In particular I'd like to get aiccu working to see if I can get an IPv6 tunnel accessible from the Android side of things. Mostly it's kind of like most of the efforts to install Linux on embedded systems, it's more fun just to say it can be done than it is useful but hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised.

    I've documented how I've done this (mostly so I can do it again the next time I SBF), and I've provided links to the source posts so people not lucky enough to own a Droid X can also play
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    Default Re: Anyone running Linux on their phones?

    Ran it on my evo and nexus, mostly just to play with it and for the "look what i can do" factor
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    Default Re: Anyone running Linux on their phones?

    I love Linux. I'll be saving it for the Windows 8 tab days in the near far future. As, it's cool and all on the phone; but, I want real function.

    Anyone know how the current windows 7 tabs work? Is everything the same as a PC as in you could hook in a flash drive and install Ubuntu to dual boot?

    They should make OSless tabs for half the prices, lol. Let you install whatever you want. I think company and carrier should carry at least one phone, one tab, and one pc that is stripped of it's OS and let you run what you want. For cheaper prices. That's real choice. (Sorry Android, lol.)
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    Default Re: Anyone running Linux on their phones?

    Running Debian build on my phone.

    EDIT: On another topic, attempting to setup sshtunnel with a key using the sshtunnel app. Anyone have any idea?
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    Default Re: Anyone running Linux on their phones?

    About to on my tablet. I see the potential in embedded devices and try to harness that power. They can run desktop Linux and android at the same time. That's powerful. No, I'm not a Verizon sales man.
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    Default Re: Anyone running Linux on their phones?

    thank you for your post ,mostly just to play with it
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    Default Re: Anyone running Linux on their phones?

    I haven't even gotten around to rooting my Galaxy S3 so no, not me unfortunately.
    I might want to install firefox os if that becomes easier to do.

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