Spent HOURS searching with no solutions.

Running Lubuntu 11.10, and it's nice, but the GUI and Flash video are laggy, presumably because I am not running the NVidia drivers for my card. When I install them, I am stuck in a 640x480 resolution.

The nvidia-settings panel says some error about scanout.

When trying to add a mode by hand using xrandr, I get an error about not being able to find gamma settings with every command I issue (""xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default") and when I go to set the new mode I added, it says something about failing to set mode for cvrt 0. This problem is pretty wide-spread it seems, and I haven't found anything that works. When using whatever the default drivers are (removing the NVidia ones I installed) all I have to do is add the custom resolution (1360x768) with xrandr and it works perfectly.

Problem #2

Every time I boot, I have to issue the following commands to get my Wi-Fi and my custom resolution going:

modprobe rt2800usb
echo 148f 5370 > /sys/bus/usb/drivers/rt2800usb/new_id

and for the resolution, I have to type out a cvt to get the modeline, and a bunch of xrandr nonsense to get the resolution going.

How can I get these commands to either "stick" so I don't have to run them each time, or at least get them to run automatically at start-up?