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    Default Package File Invalid.

    Hmmm, well it seems I have the issue too. Tried clearing Data etc inside the Google Play Settings in system settings. Im running Omega ROM on my SGS2. Can anyone help me without me having to reflash? >.>

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    Default Re: Package File Invalid.

    I'm having this problem too. i cant download anything and I've "fixed" so many times that I DO NOT WANT TO REBOOT. Like, seriously. LG MOTION 4G.
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    Default Re: Package File Invalid.

    this happened on my indulge allt he time. Try connecting to Wifi while in airplane mode. That worked every time for me. I really don't think it's an lg motion problem. I think it's a Metro PCS issue. Try turning off the ability from downloading from unknown sources too. That might help too if the airplane mode doesn't.
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    Default Re: Package File Invalid.

    Same issue for me, can d/l over wifi, but not 3G. Have tried all the fixes I can from searching google.
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    Default Re: Package File Invalid.

    I had the same problem too, turned out to be just a memory issue. So I deleted a load of apps I didn't use and transferred a few to my SD card and now its fine
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    Default Re: Package File Invalid.

    i have a htc and when i download instagram it says package is invalid i tried everything its says on instagram only when i download it and when i download an app it says phone storge is low but i have a lot of space on my device what should i do please help me !!!!x im ganna cry

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