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    Default No access pop up before app install...

    What does it mean if an application does not present an access popup before install? The app in question is called "Bat Stat". It looks harmless and being a complete Android Noob I'm playing it very safe until I become more familiar with the OS and apps. Having some initial concerns regarding what apps can and cannot do once you install them....


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    Some apps, BattStatt is one, don't access anything that requires permissions. If that is the case, there won't be an permission page.
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    Good, that's what I was hoping. I know I'm being a little paranoid about the whole security issue but I figure its best to be safe than sorry...

    do you know of a resource that illustrates what requires permissions
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    I don't know of one, but your best bet is to read the permissions before you install. Also the free app Lookout scans new apps as they are installed.
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    No Sweat. really appreciate the info. I've read a few articles on the Lookout and the permissions on it look pretty scary too... LOL

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