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    Default WTB: S4 earphones

    Looking for the factory earphones that came in the box with the Galaxy S4. Please let me know by messaging me if you would be interested in selling yours. I am located near Akron, Ohio. Thanks!
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    Default Re: WTB: S4 earphones

    If nothing else turns up, check Samsung's website. I know they sell (or at least used to sell) the S3 headphones.
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    Default Re: WTB: S4 earphones

    Might have some sealed S3 headphones if your interested. I'll be in Columbus this week for work let me know if your interested, I'll check when I get home tonight for sure
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    Default Re: WTB: S4 earphones

    Thanks, meyerweb and beathookup. I may be interested in your S3 headphones, beathookup, depending on your price. Otherwise, I guess I better keep looking.
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    Default Re: WTB: S4 earphones

    I still have my S4 headphones still in the plastic wrap. PM me an offer! I don't need them.
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    Default Re: WTB: S4 earphones

    I have an brand new pair that came with my S4. PM me an offer
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    Default Re: WTB: S4 earphones

    Ditto here as well, still wrapped in the plastic, also in Ohio.
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