Item Description: Near mint condition HTC One V. for CricKet networks. I got this phone as part of a Mystery Shopping program I did and now I don't need it any longer as I have my main line on T-Mobile.
Carrier Locked or Unlocked?: It is currently "locked" but unlockable.
Condition: Near mint. It was in a case and had a screen protector on it the whole time I had it.
Includes: Original box and charger/cable.
Item Location: High Point, NC, USA
Shipping Details: I will ship inside the USA only.
Payment Options: Paypal, it rocks and protects BOTH of us!
Additional Info: I currently have this listed on Swappa because it is an easy way to sell phones and not doing auctions.
I have a photo of the phone there.
I'm open to trading this phone for a similar "level" phone for T-Mobile.