Item Description:
I'm looking for a basic one that I can use simply to project pictures from my phone (SG3) or tablet (HDMI and USB access available) (bluetooth for all) for sketching outlines of the pictures. It does not have to be a great quality as the basic outlines and proportions are the desired effect. I'm looking to project on surfaces ranging from 9"x12" to about 24x36 at least. Larger is a bonus. I'd like a battery operated device if possible but am open to those requiring cords. They don't have to operate beyond a couple of hours on battery. I'm hoping for something small which is why I mention the pico and not just small, portable. I've seen interesting price ranges out there in researching.
I'm just needing something functional for art. Sketching takes way too long before I can get to the painting. This will cut the time down.

Price Range: Max 120...preferably about 1/2 that - see purpose.
Condition: Used to New
Payment Method: Paypal credit or send personal, Square Cash (split to assure receipt of item in working condition), anything else if you are local by chance (Chas, SC area)

Contact Info - Please PM or post below.