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    Default Share Your App Links Here

    There are two good reasons for posting links to your apps here. To share with others and at some point you may delete an app and later wish you could remember which one it was.

    AppBrain is really the key to this. AppBrain is a front end for the Google Market but much easier to search and sort. AppBrain lets you set up app to download from your PC plus will give you great recommendations and so much more like wallpaper. Once you have AppBrain set up it can also give you a list of your apps, here's how.

    1. Go to AppBrain Android Market - find the best Android Apps and Games and register if you haven't already.
    2. Tap My Apps. Click Add Review to add your comments about an app.
    3. On the right click Public, BBC Code, and include reviews.
    4. Right click "Get this app list" text box and click Copy.
    5. Right click here in your post here to paste. (You might want to edit out your personal info.)
    5. You might want to set your AppBrain list back to private when you are done.

    Have fun. Let's see what you've got!
    — Milo
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    Here are my apps sorted into categories.

    AppBrain App Market : Use instead of Android Market. Great recommendations.
    - • Add Fast Web Installer to install from your PC.
    MyBackup Pro : Backup & restore apps, messages, contacts, & calendar automatically to the cloud or SD card. Pro $5.
    Missed Call : Set repeating reminders for missed calls, emails, messages, etc.
    Brightness Level : Two taps to set brightness!
    FolderOrganizer : Put 4x6, 5x6, or 5x7 icons on each screen. Replace icons, etc. See: Folders
    JuiceDefender beta : Automatically turns off WiFi, etc. when not in use. Turn off everything overnight. Saves battery & marriages.
    - • Add JuicePlotter and UltimateJuice! to add features.
    Battery Status Bar : Puts real battery % in status bar.
    4G,CDMA,GSM & WiFi Map Viewer : See the real coverage other users have found.
    Volume Button Controller : Set all the volume levels in one place.
    ASTRO File Manager : Install, run edit, & backup apps, etc.
    Silent Boot : Kill reboot song.
    Spare Parts : Dozens of setting in one place.
    SystemPanel : See what apps are taking your battery, kill apps, etc.
    Advanced Task Killer Pro - Kills dormant apps & more
    Wheres My Droid : Force phone to ring or send you a Google Maps location.

    Reference & Productivity
    Vlingo : Amazing Voice to text and commands
    Street View on Google Maps : Amazing add-on.
    White & Yellow Pages : Voice Search, dial or save results to contacts.
    Dial Zero : Get around call centers for 600 companies.
    FlightStats : Is the flight on time?
    Zillow Real Estate : Maps homes for sale, with price, photos, etc.
    Scan2PDF : Turns your phone into a document scanning spy camera.
    RealCalc Scientific Calculator : Full featured.
    Elements : Great Periodic Table.

    SwiftKey Keyboard : Learns how you write and amazingly predicts your next letters and words saving keystrokes.
    Better Keyboard : Great if you are new. Set "Show touch points" ON.
    WiFi Keyboard : Use your PC keyboard as your Android keyboard.

    Fun & Shopping
    Shazam : Let it listen to any song and it will tell you the title, artist, and album.
    Barcode Scanner : Camera scans a barcode and gives you a link
    Google Sky Map : Astronomy made fun.
    Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers
    Tapatalk Forum App (Pro)
    Tuner - gStrings : Now your phone tunes your guitar.
    Georeader : Historic and interesting landmarks are read to you as you pass them.
    Smart Measure : Measures distance to objects. Great.
    Layar : Sees through walls
    • Shopping: eBayAmazon.com

    SolitaireHeartsSpadesTexas Hold'emBattleship
    Dots and BoxesBackgammon15n Puzzle

    Talk To Me : Translates your spoken words and says it in other languages.
    LED Show : Great scrolling marquee for messages across a room.

    Music, Media, & eReaders
    Discovery ChannelTV.com
    • Music Players: Music PlayerMeridianTuneWiki (with lyrics)
    RadioTime : Turns your phone into the ultimate AM/FM radio.
    • Movies: IMDbFandangoRedBoxer
    DIRECTV : Set programs to record.
    Weather Channel : Press Map It > Play for animated radar.
    • eReaders: KindleNOOKAldiko : 1,000,000 free books.
    Talking King James Bible : Add other versions for $5.

    Requires Root
    ShootMe : Best reason to root. Shake phone to take a screenshot!
    AdFree : Ads disappear!
    Titanium Backup : "Freeze" apps without uninstalling. Backup apps to SDcard. Needs BusyBox.
    Webkey : Puts your Android on your network
    — Milo
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    You have all that on your phone? Daaaayyuum

    Sent from my DROID2 using Tapatalk
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    Check this out for a weather app:
    Animated Weather for Android - Weather forecast application. The exquisitely realistic video effects of cloudiness, rain and snow provide the vivid sensation of current or future weather conditions for more than 50000 locations over the world.

    Animated Weather Android - Best Weather Widget App for Android Phones


    If you think this is SPAM, just look at the youtube video, look me in the eye, and tell me you're not impressed. It's RAD.
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    CM7/MazWoz on Evo


    Phone: HTC Evo 4G
    120 total, 106 free (88%), 14 paid (11%), 180MB total size

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    bujin's Apps on the phone

    Phone: HTC Evo 4G
    82 total, 74 free (90%), 8 paid (9%), 168MB total size, $37.92 total price

    View this Android app list on AppBrain
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    Smile My favorite Apps are

    Below I really have to say are my select all time favorite. Everytime I get a new phone I load all these first then the rest
    Tunein Radio
    Textfree Unlimited
    Hey where are you
    Slacker Radio
    EasyTetherGrouponPandora Radio
    Launcher Pro
    Shop Savvy
    Task Killer
    Square Barcode Scanner
    Foursquare Fring
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    WhatApp Messenger http://goo.gl/R5b0P- a SMS replacement, using data - no need to pay for extra Text Messaging.
    Android user since the very first T-Mobile G1...
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    Default Remote Web Desktop

    Started playing with Remote Web Desktop. Very cool functionality. Seems to work well. As long as it seems secure it could be a damn fine app. With this app you have the ability to use the camera as a webcam, transfer files, send and receive sms messages, wifi keyboard, and screen capture. Other future apps will include access to contacts, your phone settings, and editing notes. It has the ability to use a bridge server so you can do it over 3G, but I dont know if I will mess with that. The wifi option works well, so does the wifi keyboard. A few of the apps do not work yet, but theres pretty good potential there.

    SmartDog Studio
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    Default Re: Share Your App Links Here

    If you love garage sales, yard sales, and vintage shopping, check out my company's app on the iPhone and Android for garage sale hunting, called MOGASA. You can make trails, build a community, leave reviews, and post/find garage sales.

    Please download and give it a whirl! It's still brand spanking new to the app world so please leave your feedback, so we can evolve it to be the best garage sale app on the market.
    • Simple Search Options to find garage sales
    • Custom Treasure Trails to explore
    • Connect with Friends that like Garage Sales Just Like You
    • Leave Ratings and Reviews for Each Garage Sale
    • Post Garage Sales to Get More Traffic

    To download, click here for Android and here for iPhone
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    Default Re: Share Your App Links Here

    Appman your apps organizer
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    Default Re: Share Your App Links Here

    Hi there here are some of my TOP Pick Apps from the Market and running in my LG Optimus 2x

    First is NEWSACE Video News Reader(RSS) - https://market.android.com/details?i...tecace.newsace

    I love this application because if you want to become updated about the news all over the world then I'll recommend this application where you can watch news for over 400+ recommended and renowned News channels, allows you to select feeds and it is also a serves as a podcast player with so many recommend podcast list that and hear your podcast feed via Google reader subscriptions and most of all if you are a big fan of Harry Potter and you see how video plays in the newspaper while reading it..then you must have this application.

    Second is the SET CPU (Root USers)

    It can double you battery life by underclocking on it and giving your android performance much faster by overclocking on it, but take note according to the description you also need a custom kernel that supports overclocking and we all know that overclocking could harm your CPU.

    Third is the Quickoffice Pro (Office & PDF)
    This is my bread and butter aside form NEWSACE video news rss, because I can edit and view some of my office documents while at home or during OFF to my office.

    There you go, those are the application I frequently use that satisfies my daily living with my device and hope it helps.
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    Default Re: Share Your App Links Here

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    Default Re: Share Your App Links Here

    Tapatalk - great if you read various forums like Android Central!

    Swiftkey - forward predicting keyboard - really effective at offering suggestions for the next word you might want

    Swype - another great alternative keyboard

    Our Groceries - easy way to coordinate and combine grocery lists between multiple people

    SoundHound - similar to Shazam - just click and it will identify the song playing

    Dropbox - really nice app if you use Dropbox

    Droid48 - wonderful recreation of the HP48 calculator with Reverse Polish Notation

    Sign - fast and easy speed dial app which uses gestures to call or text any contact

    Full Disclosure - Sign is our app, but I definitely use it more often than any other app on my phone.
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    Default Re: Share Your App Links Here


    Paint Fill - wonderful coloring book for kids! Paint Fill coloring book will help your child to spend time a lot of fun. Paint Fill contains more than 120 interesting and different pictures for boys and girls of varying complexity. easy management, the choice of color,send drawing via email, choice of line thickness, save progress and proceed where you stop,provide great opportunities coloring.With Paint Fill your child will not be as bored!!!
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    Default Re: Share Your App Links Here

    One application for follow the news of Premier League:

    - You can view the tweets of the players of every team, of the newspapers
    - You can view the calendar of the league
    - You can view the top scorers
    - There are live matchs, with the events, goal notifications and you can post a comment and follow the user's comments
    - The languages are English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

    The link is Premier Tweets

    There are a Spanish First Division version (La Liga), when you can view the video resume of the match and the information of the tv channel

    The link is Liga Tweets

    Any comments or suggestions on Google Play is welcome to improve the app.
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    Default Re: Share Your App Links Here

    A few apps.
    2 Paid, the rest free.

    Smart Volume Control + - Best volume and major internet connection manager app. Very useful for everyone that has an android specially if they are masssive android users.

    JeFit PRO - Great health and fitness app

    Others, non paid:

    Easy Money
    3G Watchdog
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    Default Re: Share Your App Links Here

    Gomp3 one of the best mp3 downloaders ever https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...1wMy5ob21lIl0.
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    Default Re: Share Your App Links Here

    Keen is a mobile dating app for the Android. Keen finds who likes you in your area. If you like them too you're matched. We Launch in a week so sign up to get notified and exclusive access

    Who are You Keen On? - Who are You Keen On?
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    Talking Re: Share Your App Links Here

    Geebo Home is going to be a great app! It launches this month for android, and I use the website app all the time. GeeBo allows you to place orders from local businesses, even at baseball games. They deliver food to your seat! Hotdogs for days, love it
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    Default Re: Share Your App Links Here

    I have some interesting music applications:
    Best Piano It's really well-made and very usufel application to practise playing on the piano
    or Best Electric Piano If you prefer.
    I also like this one: Best Electric Guitar for those who wants to play on guitar. There is also classic version: Best Classic Guitar and Bass.
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    Default Re: Share Your App Links Here

    Check out Super Math (Super Math is the ultimate gear to sharpen your mathematics skills. In this game, you can both practise your skills and put them to time-limited tests. Begin with the simplest puzzle levels for warm-up, and head on to the toughest for a mind-churning experience for your competitive aptitude)

    Attachment 81525

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    Default Re: Share Your App Links Here

    S Alarm Clock (Never wake up late and Users can design interface)
    link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...m.alarmclockUS
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