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    Quote Originally Posted by strategy View Post
    1. Launcher Pro (alternative launcher/home screen customizer)
    2. Easy Tether (tethering app/get your computer online thru your phone)
    3. Dialer One (alternative phone/contacts app)
    4. K-9 Mail (best email app by far)
    5. PlayerPro (best music player)
    You're one of the few I've seen say playerpro. I agree, great music player.

    So my list
    GO launcher
    Mangler - (Ventrilo)

    Honorable mentions
    Flex T9 keyboard. The only kb that has made me reconsider my need for physical kb (though I find I still prefer physical kb for longer typing sessions)

    Crystal Defenders. (Quite possibly the best tower defense game on the market, though they need more levels). Hex Defense and Retro Defense are not far behind on my favorites list.

    Stupid Zombies (soooo much better than Angry Birds)
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    1. Titanium Backup Pro
    2. Handcent
    3. Liberty Toolbox
    4. Quickclock Advance
    5. JuiceDefender
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    1. Words with Friends (full-blown addict )
    2. GO Launcher EX
    3. WhatsApp
    4. Root Explorer
    5. Google Voice

    Yikes, hard to limit myself to 5. There's another 3 or 4 that I use as much and find equally interesting and/or useful as the above.
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    1. tumblr
    2. netflix
    3. awesome drop
    4. pandora
    5. google voice
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    Thumbs up Top 5 Note taking apps of the quarter

    Evernote is one of the most talked about online note taking applications. One special feature here is the drag-and-drop desktop version that allows you to see your notes and clips offline. You can use the Evernote mobile application for your Windows Mobile phone or iphone to capture pictures and record audio to send to your Evernote account. You can also email notes to Evernote using a secret email address. Youtube :

    AHG Cloud Note

    One of our favourites , AHG Cloud Note not only lets you take notes in a traditional way but offers added benefits like Cloud servers to store them , share them and access them from anywhere . With AHG Cloud note you can add imaged , Video , text and lot of your ideas to make your notes come live . Cloud Note is made for corporate and business users to simplify the process of creation of instructions, tutorials, knowledge base articles, field reports - and sharing them. Cloud Note makes it easy to capture and document process or procedure on the spot with your smartphone, by taking images / video and adding explanatory text, share and exchange documents, and integrate them into corporate systems, such as knowledge base or LMS.
    Youtube :

    Note Everything
    A note (notepad) application where you can create text-, voice- and paint-notes. Your notes can be organized in folders. You can create shortcuts on home, send notes, use live folders & much more!
    Youtube :

    With ColorNote for Android, you could easily take notes or create a checklist. The App is highly customizable and you could change the background color of the notes simply. You can even share notes and set a reminder for them. It does not sync with Google Tasks, but you could backup all your notes and checklists and save them on the phone. It will ask you for a master password and will encrypt all the notes. Notes can be searched by text or by voice and with ColorDict, a dictionary could be added too. The widget is also powerful and the App puts a reminder for a note on the status bar. ColorNote is really useful and the different colors make it attractive.
    Youtube :

    AK Notepad.
    With the app, you can write anything you want. Set a reminder based on your note, send your note by SMS or email. You can stik a note on your home screen for easy access. You can also customize the notes appearance and also sort or search notes by title. All with LED Notifications.
    Youtube :
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    BB JB


    I have evernote but rarely use it.....I just have all my docs on dropbox now....
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    Default Re: List your top 5 apps here!

    1) Newsroom
    2) stock texting/sms but testing GO.
    3) opera mini and/or stock browser. if need it quick, I use mini opera.
    4) K-9 mail so I can take advantage of cloud printing.
    5) Either torque, aCar or IMDB as I like to monitor mycar info a lot and IMDB as I it comes up in conversation as to "where did I see him/her before?"
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    Default Re: List your top 5 apps here!


    Using CM7 (2.3.4) on my samsung captivate and it is MUCH faster and smoother than stock 2.2.
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    Default Re: List your top 5 apps here!

    Netflix to watch movies at work
    Google music beta. Have all my 7,000 songs uploaded and it is great to have access to them all
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    Default Re: List your top 5 apps here!

    ADW Launcher Ex (very awsome home launcher)
    Tapatalk (obviously how i use these forums alot)
    Google Reader (probably best RSS reader with the least battery drain)
    Zedge (great selection of wallpapers and tones)
    Netflix (at least on my NSG4)

    WIkidroid (easy to use wikiepdia app)
    xkcdViewer (Great comic)
    Google Music (stream my music all day long)
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    Default Re: List your top 5 apps here!

    1. Swiftkey (used to have handcent but recently switched-it predicts word very well)
    2. GO Launcher EX (Best home launcher out there-used to have ADW and LauncherPRO)
    3. Multicon (awesome widget that puts four apps in the space that one would normally take up)
    4. AudioManager (widget that allows u to change system,alarm,media,alerts,ringer,and voice volumes)
    5.WordsWithFriends and Kindle (it's a tie...love to read and own people at scrabble equally LOL)
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    Default Re: List your top 5 apps here!

    Alright so here goes...I use a XOOM an HTC Desire Z and Nexus One

    #1 - Imperio - a brand new Remote desktop app that has already become my most used app
    2 - Quick Office PRO - essential
    3 - Cut the Rope - fun - just love it!
    4 - Air Attack HD - very well made
    5 - Dropbox - what can I say - super!

    that's me done!
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    Default Re: List your top 5 apps here!

    Folder Organizer
    DroidWall/LBE Privacy Guard
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    Default Re: List your top 5 apps here!

    My top five apps are in this order

    1. TRAFFICDROID ENGLAND - TrafficDroid England Android Application




    4. TWITTER

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    Default Re: List your top 5 apps here!

    The top 5 apps I use most often:
    - Facebook (self-explanitory!)
    - Twitter for Android (same here)
    - Zoo Story (a cute little animal game)
    - Make My Day (goes through a whole bunch of cute animal pictures)
    - The Weather Channel (again, self-explanitory!)
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    Default Re: List your top 5 apps here!

    1) LauncherPro
    2) Root Explorer
    3) Titanium Backup
    4) Quick Settings
    5) Smart Keyboard
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    Default Re: List your top 5 apps here!

    1) The Property Finder App (great app to find exactly the house you're looking for

    2) Twitter for Android (self-explanatory)

    3) Furniture for Sale App (becuz they got very good deals)

    4) The Household Items for Sale (same as above)

    5) Find Free Stuff App
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    Default Re: List your top 5 apps here!

    - Handcent SMS
    - Angry Birds Rio
    - Facebook
    - Twidroyd
    - Advanced Task Killer
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    Default Re: List your top 5 apps here!

    Oh, this is fun.

    the weather channel
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    Default Re: List your top 5 apps here!

    Angry birds
    the weather channel app
    mobile neighborhood watch
    Mobile Neighborhood Watch App
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    Default Re: List your top 5 apps here!

    1. Go sms (best txt message app & its free)
    2. Go launcher (best home replacement app also free)
    3. Twidroyd (best twitter app by far)
    4. Dolphin browser hd (must have browser)
    5. SwiftKey x (best keyboard replacement)
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    Default Re: List your top 5 apps here!

    1. Go Launcher EX
    2. Go SMS
    3. Black Facebook 3D
    4. Homerun Battle 3D
    5. Big Brother 13
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    Default Re: List your top 5 apps here!

    1. Go Launcher EX
    2. Swiftkey X
    3. twicca
    4. Tapatalk
    5. Titanium Backup Pro
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    Default Re: List your top 5 apps here!

    These are my top 5 apps , but necessarily in that order :

    1- ADW launcher \ Launcher 7 (awesome launchers)
    2- Dolphin HD (great browser , although I prefer Version 4 over 6)
    3- Handcent SMS (alternative Messaging app)
    4- Audio Manager (as the name suggest , I use it to mute that annoying camera shutter sound)
    5- Jimmy Pataya (swesome game to waste time , better than Angry birds)
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    Default Re: List your top 5 apps here!

    1. Weather,USARadar,Alerts,Quakes
    2. system panel
    3. yandex map
    4. clubalance
    5. Memo
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