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    Ah... gotta revive this dead thread.

    Google Listen has been an absolutely dreadful, buggy podcatcher since froyo was pushed.

    It seems every post on their discussion board (listen-discuss | Google Groups) complains about users not being able to register or they're having problems with podcasts restarting at 0:00:00 for whatever reason. The developers don't respond at all to bug reports and the app hasn't been updated in months.

    So, my question to you: Which non-Listen app do you use for podcatching?

    My needs:
    * Uses Google Reader
    * Downloads podcasts without a synching to a bloated, omnipresent media program.
    * It needs to be configurable so it only downloads when connected to wifi or while the phone's being charged.
    * allows the user to reorder the playlist (Listen isn't too good at this).
    * Playing video would be a plus (Listen doesn't play video)
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    Doggcatcher meets all of your requirements. Great app. Well worth the $7.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nickf126 View Post
    Doggcatcher meets all of your requirements. Great app. Well worth the $7.
    How does doggcatcher interface with google reader? I didnt see that on their website.
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    Default PodTrapper

    Podtrapper is now available for Android.
    I loved it when I had my BB. Missed it when I got my droid.
    Now it's on my Dinc.
    The Incredible Nexus
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    Like: You can play video podcasts as audio only. For me this is a nice plus, because while I like watching the video versions, I sometimes like to multi-task and play the audio in the background.

    Like: Nice widget

    Dislike: You cannot sort the podcasts alphabetically. Note, you can manually sort the list, but I wish alpha-sort was an option.

    Dislike: Seekbar doesn’t indicate where you are in the podcast when you are dragging it to a new time. I sometimes listen to part of a podcast on my computer and then need to find that place on my Droid X. Right now, you need to stop seeking, check your time location and adjust as necessary.

    PodTrapper (beta):

    Dislike: I was having a problem with video podcasts. They would stop playing when you changed screen orientation. Most of the others that I have tried always display the video in landscape mode (which is fine with me)
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    Love DoggCatcher...was on MediaFly for a bit and used Google Listen for a while..but Doggcatcher is most def the one for me...!!!!!
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    Has anyone been able to get Listen to work solely with a Google apps account? Currently using BeyondPod because of how Google apps have been neglected in the past.
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    I'm trying to like Google Listen but I'm a bit frustrated that it makes me download each episode individually. I've got both "download on wifi only" and "download while charging only" unchecked. Is there something else I need to do?
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    It has a 'download new audio' setting that works for me, but u would also hafta check ur setting for refresh cycle.

    Hope that helps!
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    There was nothing better ever for Blackberry than PodTrapper by VersatileMonkey. And now it's the best app on my Thunderbolt!
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    Doggcatcher is great if you ask me, which the thread title did.
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    Default Re: AC Asks: What's your favorite podcatcher?

    definitely beyondpod... free but has unlock key for more features- i don't need them, so I stick with the free one
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    Default Re: AC Asks: What's your favorite podcatcher?

    Seems that folks who listen to more podcast like Doggcatcher more? Would this be the correct assumption?

    I coming from iOS moving over to Android. Listen to around 15 podcasts. I used Podcaster in iOS land and was surprised there was no Android version.

    Now deciding on whether to use Listen or shell out 6.99 for DoggCatcher
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    Default Re: AC Asks: What's your favorite podcatcher?

    Hi all,

    I'm coming from WebOS and we have something called 'drpodder' and I am looking for something similar to that?

    It can download audio and video podcasts and do it automatically.

    So what do I use now that I'm coming to Android?


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    Default Re: AC Asks: What's your favorite podcatcher?

    Rob, I'm in the same boat as you (getting the Galaxy SII in about 2 hours!!!) and ditching my original Palm Pre. I love Dr. Podder. After reading other posts here, BeyondPod looks promising. It's a combo pod catcher and RSS feed reader that will sync with Google Reader. Look at the video on its Android Market page and see what you think.
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